Top 9 Sites on Dialogue – I used them myself


Dialogue was and still is one of the greatest challenges for me as a writer. It took tons of reading of books on dialogue, articles, online tutorials, and reading some of my favorite books before I started pumping out dialogue that I didn’t want to scrape after I had written it. I still have to work hard at it, but now I at least feel comfortable with my own abilities. The list I have compiled are some of the resources I used to improve my dialogue. I want to thank those who provided their knowledge for people like me who were willing and ready to listen and learn!

1. Punctuation in Dialogue written by Beth Hill at The Editor’s Blog

2. Seven Keys to Write Good Dialogue by Nathan Bransdford

3. Creating Effective Dialogue by William H. Coles

4. 10 Keys to Writing Dialogue in Fiction by Katherine Cowley

5. Dialogue by Tameri Guide for Writers

6. Writing Good Dialogue 1: Give it a Purpose by Harvey Chapman at Novel Writing Help

7. On Writing – Dialogue by Robert Sawyer

8. How to Write Good Dialogue by Steven Parolini at

9. Writing Dialogue that Speaks Volumes by Cheryl Kaye Tardif



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